How To Build A Team In Monster Legend Game

How To Build A Team In Monster Legend Game

Team building is one of the important aspects in the monster gaming world, teams are used to fight against the opponents monsters. You therefore need to know how to combine the best monsters with different strengths in order to achieve the best team to face your opponent. In the team building aspect, you need to find ways in which you can combine different monsters in order to get a formidable team that will shake the m0onster legend game island. Some of the ways :

Speedster monster; this is where you combine monster that has the ability to control the enemy’s three monsters. By controlling it means being able to manipulate the enemy’s monsters. They do this by either stunning or freezing them. In this way of building the monster legend game team, you need to play the monsters with three runes and always remember to make sure that this team attack first as it is best suited for that.
Damage dealer monster; this is a combination which ensures that the attacks done to your enemy’s monsters are detrimental to comprehend. This team is used to deal damage to your opponents. In this type of team, you are required to play with two strength runes and one speed rune. These combination damages freely your opponent’s monster legends cheats monsters without worry.

Support monster; these is the type of combination with three runes with super speed which are formed to attack first. Due to their speed, you can offer a get app surprise attack on your opponent with ease because you can retrieve easily. Any of the monsters in this type of combination can do the job depending on their abilities.

Tips of building a team

Know your monsters. The monsters are the ones that strike, you need to know their strengths and shortcomings so as to make sure that you combine the monsters who complement each other. You ought to choose the best two monsters that are well-equipped monster legends wit skills that you want to combine. This will result into the super monster you require.