Homescapes – Check Out Impressive Details Here!

Homescapes – Check Out Impressive Details Here!


Homescapes is an online game that you can play in your free time to have lots of fun and enjoyment. Well, this is a fantastic game that is introduced by the Playrix games studio. This is a puzzle based game where you have to complete the specific goals on every level. If you are playing this game then you may also know the gameplay and the numerous elements. With the help of completing goals, players can earn coins as well as stars that are the main in-game resources. When this comes to the gameplay then there are lots of levels present and you should complete them only by swapping the pieces. In addition, the other aspect of the game is related to the renovation of the house. There is a character named as Austin and you can help him to renovate his old home to make it beautiful.

More about the game

If you are playing this game for the first time then you should learn the pure basics. With the help of this, you can play the game without facing complications. This is also beneficial to make progress faster and also to acquire lots of resources. There are lots of gameplay elements that you should understand first and after this, it becomes easier for you to complete each and every level in a quick manner. The game is simple in the beginning but after some time, you have to pay more attention to move further. In the initial phase, players should play wisely and this can also help them to survive in the game and also to complete different goals and levels quickly. By completing these levels, players can earn coins and other resources which can help them to make improvements.

Complete different tasks

When it comes to Homescapes then there are plenty of tasks present for the players to complete. These tasks are cleaning the rooms, changing carpets, replacing furniture and much more. You can complete these tasks after collecting cups, different objects, and books. You also need to match the piece together which is also the main aspect of the game. As you are getting progress in the game, you have to face lots of difficulties. There are some specific numbers of moves in the game and you should complete the goals within these moves and also try to save some moves. You should also try to make some plans first and then start solving the puzzles in difficult stages.  With the help of this, they can complete the goals successfully and then able to acquire lots of in-game resources.

It’s all about currency

If we talk about the different currencies of this game then you can’t ignore the name of coins and stars. These are the two main currencies of this game that you can earn by playing the game in a perfect manner. You can earn coins with the help of completing some goals available or by matching the pieces in every level also with Homescapes Hack 2020.  As you know that coins are the primary currency as like that the stars are the special currency that you can earn by completing different levels in the game. Players should always spend these currencies wisely so that they can level up quickly and also without facing different complications in the game. With the help of these currencies, you can purchase moves, decorate the home and also complete some other kinds of tasks. These currencies are also playing an important role in the game and without having enough currency, you can’t get a better position.

Earn stars

You may all know about the fact that earning stars is not simple in this game and for this, you have to make lots of efforts. The first thing which every player should do is complete levels in the game. After completing every level, you can earn stars and this can help you to unlock the next levels. There are different purposes on which you can spend stars. This currency can be used to rebuild the home of Austin’s home and for the progression of the story. With the help of stars, you can complete tasks such as fixing the stairs, put up wallpaper etc.

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Minimum requirements that your PC needs in order to play PES 2020

The PES 2020 has taken the world by storm, even with the development of other games, the game is still being played. In addition, the review that the game is getting is massive from different players who have experienced the game. The PES 2020 has since its release been considered the mirror point of where the soccer gaming is headed. The main down point that the game has received is its need the massive and high-end machine requirements that it needs to play, this however is caused by its compact and complicated anatomy, which requires powerful machines. This article therefore will cover these requirements, they include:

Operating system – the PES 2020 pro evolution soccer cheats requires you to use a PC because it cannot be operated in any other machine. Therefore your machine either laptop, desktop or any other machine that supports it must have a windows operating system, vista SP2 or vista 7 SP 1. Therefore, in case you are using the PC the PES 2020 will not run in your machine and thus you are curtailed from enjoying its experience. Remember these are the minimum requirements off course there are other operating systems around the world that can perform run the game.

Central processing unit – the PES 2020 game requires a central processing unit from where it can be launched and because of its high-end anatomy, it needs some powerful machine. The minimum being Duo Core 2 with a speed of at least 1.8 GHz or even Athlon II X2 240. This will enable it to run without having any problems. Using a much lesser machine than this will make it crash or even play but keeps on hanging which can be annoying.

Graphics card – your machine needs some graphics card so as to cope with the improved graphics of the game. The minimum graphics card you can use is the NVIDIA GeForce 6800, the ATI Radeon X 1300, or even Intel HD Graphics 2000. Using the PC without these graphics card will be useless it will not work thus, you need all these requirement.

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Merge Dragons: Having 4 authentic currencies

The Merge Dragons are the game which is consists of several aspects. The player likes to play the game because here they meet with several elements like protecting, matches, discovery, power, and evils. As we can say that it is the full package of entertainments with these aspects. Once the player starts playing the game, they will love it because the game is easy to play as it looks typical. For playing the effectively, they always admire to have some coins, but unfortunately they may not get enough coins then they can take help from Merge Dragons Hack 2019.


Magical coins

The coins are the primary currency that players need to collect for attains some main aspects. Here the coins are round, but the flower is printed on both sides. If the players want to buy some goods for regular use, then they can use this one.

Dragon Gems

The gems are the premium currency, which is used to play the game effectively. It is used for level up and to buy main things in the entire game. The gems are tough to get, but it is very effect full.

Stone Bricks

The stone bricks are used to build the building and protect them from evils. It is easy to attain and very helpful for dragons

Life Orbs

The life orbs are the currencies which help you in inviting more dragons for your world. Through this, all the dragons can enjoy, and you can make a perfect match.

Thus, these are some currencies that you need to attain for playing the game effectively. So try to accomplish it at a higher rate.

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Basic Tips And Tricks

Japan is the famous country in developing awesome anime. Dragon ball Z is a popular anime series and comic that is popular all over the world. There is no doubt that this anime has so many fans and if a game will be developed on it then most of us are going to download it. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle is a popular game that is available for IOS and Android. So many gamers have tried it and the best thing about the game is awesome graphics. No doubt, goku is the famous character but if you want to progress well and get other characters then earning currencies play the vital role. Zeni and dragon stones are vital as both of these are currencies. It can be earned on playing and winning but if you don’t want to get into any trouble then it can be purchased for real money you can to try Dragon Ball Legends Cheats. Well, we recommend you to purchase the starter pack only because it is way more helpful than others. You just need a boost while starting.

Tips And Tricks

If you are playing the game before reading these tips then surely you have been doing all the things wrong so you should delete the game and all the data. As you download it again then it is easy to gain Super Rare Characters that are also known as SSR. The reroll is surely helpful and you can rely on it.

•             You have so many characters and if you want to take each of them to max then it is important to prioritize them. Most of gamers don’t focus on such things and in the end, they get into issues. The prioritization will help in maintaining zeny and dragon stones.

•             You will be trying Ki spherte in the game and if this isn’t easy then upgrade the character and try again. It is surely going to help in being a good gamer and you can try it out for sure. Lots of gamers are getting the benefit of such methods.

•             Choosing the right battle companion can be tough but if you play smartly then it is easy to find the right one. You can practice with all the characters and find that which one is helpful. If any of the character isn’t suiting your playing style then don’t upgrade until you have higher number of resources. It is definitely going to help.

These are some of the tips that are basics of the game it can surely help in being a decent gamer of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle but if you want to play like expert then focus on learning the pure basics. The tutorial is helpful a lot and don’t skip the tweaks because these are way better than any other method.

Final words

There are so many gamers that are playing it but if you don’t want to stand in the line of losers then be selective in methods and strategy. Try to learn to fight and improving it.

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Mobile Legends – A Short Description to know!

The game includes lots of attractive features in it which make it realistic and amazing all others. Therefore, it is vital for the players to understand all features and then play the game properly to make progress in it. All the essential features which are present in Mobile Legends make it classic and an exciting game among all.

Also, the gamers need to know one main thing, and that is in Mobile Legends they are independent to make use of hacks and cheats. With cheats and hacks, players get a good amount of in-game currency, rewards, and unlock all the powerful heroes. Also, they should use some effective tips and tricks to achieve all things in Mobile Legends.

Meet with 5 features of Mobile Legends

There are many more features present in the game which players need to understand first and then start playing Mobile Legends properly –

The best feature is in-app purchases by which gamers easily buy everything in it.

Also, gamers have to know that they are provided with lots of events and objectives in it.

The game also includes a number of powerful and wonderful heroes in it.

It also includes two main types of in-game currency which players need to earn and then go far in it.

Lots of battles present such as 5V5 battles present in it which gamers need to complete as to move ahead in it.

Therefore, all these are the stunning features of Mobile Legends, which make the game classic among all others.

Final words

In a nutshell, the gamers need to know that they simply make use of Mobile Legends Cheats to grab in-game currency and all necessary items in the particular game. It is the best way to become the best player in Mobile Legends.

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Description about the Game Mafia City

Mafia City is a game created by Yottagames. It is strategy based games and easily available at play store and apple store. The game is an online multiplayer game. In this, we play with strangers and together with our enemy’s or friends. In the game, there are different types of languages and a good worldwide strong network. The game includes some high-quality graphics as well as new features. In it also we have to build our clans and protect them from enemies.  Its size is almost 56 MB.

Important Features:

  • Mafia City launched so many new features like they develop the zooming system.
  • The game is Full HD and 3D also and added the ultimate gaming screen.
  • It includes high-quality graphics and looks more realistic than before.
  • In this, we have to upgrade and invest more to survive long.
  • We should build an empire which is fully upgraded as compare to other if we want to win.
  • If we want to survive, we have to fight, collect points, earn wealth and protect our clans.


  • The game in which we should consider our troops, buildings, enemies and much more.
  • We have to train our troops and upgrade their skills and abilities to unlock the high-level troops.
  • If we want to win the game, then we should attack the enemies by knowing their strategies.
  • We should always try to check out the daily quests to earn points and rewards.
  • For move to a high level, we have to complete the objectives on time and earn daily rewards.

Investment Guide

The investment guide means that we have to invest the earnings in clans and buildings. These are of seven types – goods, better capability, modern arms and weapons or machines. Mainly we have to invest in the gold processing because it increases the gold taking speed by trying Mafia City Hack.


In this game we participated in several types of events which are as follows:

  • Robbing Event
  • Clan Bounty Event Guide
  • Drag Race Event
  • Easter Events


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It’s all about Score Hero


Score Hero is very popular soccer simulator game nowadays, launched by the first touch. It has 6871951 downloads, and people of every age can play it. For the football lowers it is a platform to improve the skills in an easy manner. Get it from Android or IOS easily without any extra charges. Start the game to show your talent with the help of online matches. You can also play with the computer to know the information about it. Tutorials are also very helpful to understand the controls or provide you guides to play the game.  Many more options are also available in it.


To choose nationality

For choosing the hero at the start n the game, you have to select the eleven players from different teams to make a perfect team.  You can also choose your nationality of that player and use the actual flag of your own country. It is best for those who want to represent their country to feel proud.  The player can play every match for their country because team selection for every game depends on you. It is the best part of the Score Hero, to boost the confidence of the players.



In the Score, Hero missions are very different and interesting, for a football lover it is the very useful thing to improve their shorts or targets. But if you are an old player of football, then it is very easy for you to clear the starting missions. In the situation of the free kick or a goal, you will feel the real happiness from the game. For clear the tasks, you should try many times because it’s hard for a new player to clear in the first attempt. Ready your hands to give the magical moves in the game against the best teams.



The team is the key to success on the Score Hero; you need to be ready from every side of the pitch to hit the ball. If you know the benefits of passing with the perfect order in football, then you will goal the ball easily.



The game will put you on every difficult situation, but most of the time you will face problem in selecting the angle of shooting. You should practice for the corner kicks or try to learn the different kicks for the game. Try to goal the ball in corners for making things difficult for the goalie.

Moreover, the game is best for the football fans, and it provides the best features in it, but few things are very important to know.

  • Don’t spend cash to customize the player, wait for the player’s customization. In this, you lose some energy, but it saves you’re a lot of cash.
  • With Score Hero Cheats the help of advertisements you can save a huge amount of cash, so try to watch all ads collect all free coins.
  • Build a strong team with the help of collecting the strong player’s team to win every match.
  • Try to hit on the Safe area to improve the posting of the team.
  • Increase the difficulties for the goalie by hitting the ball in the top; you can do it by kicking the ball very hard.
  • Wait for the best time to do the goal, try to take benefits from every chance.
  • Be care full while passing the ball to another player; first, make the view clear with the help of zoom feature. Make sure to try to give the best in every game, see the techniques of the goalkeeper to know the best area to make the goal. s
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Honest Golf Clash Review

Honest Golf Clash Review

Les discuss the material at which Rory lands it in the fairway, perhaps not the wash. The images have their flaws, for example feel pop, a few strange artefacts along with also the strange, bizarre aerodynamic consequence, however this continues to be a affordable jump ahead in the prior padraig harrington. The plant is lusher and much more life like along with the scene more equitable and coherent. Golfer cartoon is much significantly more fluid and more powerful, using some excellent cartoons which simply take you as go through the total gamut of thoughts which the royal game arouses, from enjoyment and exhilaration right through into pity along with raw distress.

In addition, there are some gorgeous little bits, such as waves circling the green or even the small helpless crater made using way of a fast-dropping chunk, even when we can perform with the marginally weird-looking creatures ambling down and up the program. Golf Clash coins hack Which exactly are you currently up to? Are you currently going to strike? The shadow and lighting effects increase the total air. This may be not any nextgen knock-out, however continues to be readily the best-looking golf game wve witnessed.

The center game mechanisms are extremely powerful way too. PGA Tour includes three controller manners, that range from the simplified analogue swing into the traditional three-click procedure and also a more complex analogue swing using shot-shaping, fade and draw. The very first will accommodate novices and casual players along with the 2nd die-hard gamers, whilst the past supplies an even Golf Clash Hack more pleasing obstacle, however, each of three strategies do the job nicely and invite for distinct manners of playwith. Whas longer, you are able to rearrange matters therefore you may get the more real stroke-making of the entire analogue swing however, also the zoomin and concentrating on assists of these simpler controller manners a fairly superior stability, all things explained.